Definition of altitude:   The vertical height of an object is called Altitude.Or it is a parallel line that is drawn to the base Or the perpendicular distance from the base.



Finding the Altitude of a Triangle


A line that Drawn from one vertex of the Perpendicular to opposite side of an triangle is called an altitude of an triangle .And it passes through the vertex of the triangle.It makes an right angle to the opposite side. The opposite side is known as base of the altitude and intersection of altitude and the intersection side is called the FOOT of the altitude. The distance between the base and vertex of the triangle is the altitude length.


Orthocenter of a triangle


Each triangle has the three Altitudes they should be passes through the common point that is the orthocenter of the triangle.  The Orthocenter is a point where the three altitudes are intersecting in the triangle. Orthocenter is defined as point of concurrency of three altitudes of a triangle

The orthocenter is sufficient to draw altitudes of any two sides of a triangle. The third altitude will then automatically passes through it.   Suppose if the opposite side is not enough to draw an altitude we can extend the line to make an altitude. Where the altitude is common to find the area of the triangle, which is Base, is multiplied by the height where the height of the triangle is known as altitude. 


Altitude for different triangles


Half of the altitude lengths and multiply the base lengths is the area of the triangle.The Altitude of the Isosceles triangle has the incongruent side and its base has the midpoint of its foot side. In a right angle triangle the relation can be defined the length of the altitude h as

h^2=pq. Where p and q are the two lengths which is the altitude with the hypo tenuous as base  divides the hypotenuse into those two lengths.