Introduction of vertices in cube:

Let us see about how many vertices in the cube. Vertices are indicates the ordinary end peak of two or more rays or line segments. Each and every geometric object has vertices points. Singular type of vertices is known as vertex is a singular form of vertices. The below shape shows the vertices of the cube. Here, the corner points denote the vertex.


Vertices in a cube:

Cube is one of the three dimensional entities from many geometric figure. There are absolutely 8 vertices present in cube. Vertices otherwise specified as 0-D components of the cube. The vertices are needed division of the cube. In cube vertices are referring the corner points. There are 12 edges and 6 surfaces are present in the cube. Let us see some contents about the properties of vertices in cube.


Properties of cube:

There are two properties in cube that is surface area of cube and volume of a cube.

Regions area for cube:

Regions of a cube can be considered by using the formula 6 x side2 . Side refers length of the cube. Here cube contains all similar lengths. Surface area is measured as square units.

Volume of a cube:

Volume of a cube can be intended by the formula Side3. Volume is considered as cubic units.


Example problems for a cube:


Problem 1:

If the side length of the cube is 50 meter, find how many surface area of cube?


Given side length= 50 meter

We know, surface area of a cube = 6 x side2

                                          = 6 x 502

                                          = 6 x 2500

                                          = 15000.

Surface area of a cube is 15000 square meter.

Problem 2:

If the side length of the cube is 25 meter, find how much the volume of a cube?


Given side length=25 meter

We know, volume of a cube = side3

                                 = 253

                                 = 15625.

The volume of a cube is 15625 cubic meter.



Problem 3:

Find how many ratio of surface area and volume of a cube where the side length is 40 meter.


Ratio of surface area and volume of a cube is calculated by the formula,

                                                      = 6 / 40.

                                                      = 6 : 40

Therefore, the ratio is 6:40.