Introduction for Lines of symmetry Circle:

 The shapes in geometry can cut off into two parts by a line passing through the shape. These shapes are said to be symmetrical about that line, and the lines are called the lines of symmetry or axis of symmetry. Lines of symmetry are also said to be mirror lines. This is because the division of the shape on one surface of the line looks like a mirror image for another part of the shape. In this article, we shall discuss about the lines of symmetry for a circle.


Lines of symmetry for a circle:


As discussed earlier, the line of symmetry is the line passing through a circle and cut it into many parts. Circle is a shape of geometry with no corners. Even though it has no corners, we can draw the lines of symmetry for circles. Let us draw the lines of symmetry for the circle given below.

In this circle, we can draw any number of lines of symmetry. So the lines of symmetry for a circle will be infinite. As the lines of symmetry for a circle is infinite, the circle can be cut off into many parts.

For other shapes, we can take corners into account and then the lines of symmetry can be drawn. But for circles, the center point will be taken in account, so that we can draw the lines of symmetry. Because of this reason, the lines of symmetry of circle will be infinite for circle.

Now, you can get some idea on lines of symmetry for circle. 



Different types of symmetry:


The various types of symmetry are listed below:

  • Slide or Translation method
  • Turn or Rotation method
  • Flip or Reflection method
  • Glide or Reflection method.
  • Dilation method
  • Isometric method.