Let us see about transformation geometry circle. In elementary terms the transformation is variety of different operations in the geometry. The geometry is the rotations, conversion and indication. It can be passed out in Euclidean space. Particularly in 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions. It also can done the operations performed explicitly using matrix theory and it using linear algebra.





The following is the example for geometry circle:

In 3D computer graphics performed many operations.Such as moving,rotating is  called transformations. In 2D computer graphics the transformations are available.It includes rotation, translation, reflection.

The transformation geometry circle has two types.

  • Homographies 
  • Anti-homographies




A circle is a round shape of geometry.

Circle consisting of the points in a plane which are middle from a given point is called the center.

The distance calculated in circle from its center is called its radius.




There are five properties available in geometry circle.

1. Chord Properties

     In this properties line segment linking at any two points.

2. Angle Properties

    It have the stand-alone equal chords at the centre of a circle.

3. Cyclic Quadrilateral

    Cyclic triangle are supplementary in the opposite angles.

4.Tangent Properties

   A line passing a circle and touching it at just one point.

5.Touching Circles

   The two circles are touching together and the lines are joined in centres.


Radius and Diameter


The Radius is calculating by the distance from the center to the edge.

The Diameter starting at one side of the circle, then move to the center and ends on the other side.

So the Diameter is double the Radius: Diameter = 2 × Radius


The area of a circle is π  times and the radius squared, it is written:

                                A = π × r2

Or, in terms of the Diameter:

             A = (π/4) × D2

The area of a circle is π  times and the radius squared.