Large Number Division

Division means breaking the objects in groups with equal number of objects in each group id known as division. We can perform division by using numbers. For example division of 12345 by 3 , division of 3245 by 2 , all these are greater whole numbers so, first we need to check whether the particular number is divible by dividend  or not then we will perform division


Decimal Expansion of Rational Number

4 ÷ 2  =2 here 4 is divident 2 is divisor and last 2 is result or quotient.Tricks for Division
Any number end with 0,2,4,6,8 are divisible by 2
If the sum of digit of the number is divisible by 3 then the number itself would also be divisible by 3
Iif the  last 2 digit are divisible by 4 then the number is also divisible by 4
For 5 if the number ends with 0, 5 then the number would be divible by 5
For 6 if the number is divisible by 2,3 then the number would be divisible by 6.

Now if you wanna divide any number with two digit number you need to follow some steps . like you have a number 123456 and you need to divide this number by 22. First thing we need to start by left hand side then we need to check whether the first two digits are smaller or greater then divisor and if the numbers making by first two digits is smaller will take 3 digits from left hand side and if the number make by first two digits number  then will start divide like that.
You can follow this steps if you wanna solve long division and even you can follow tricks to check whether the dividend is  divisible by it or not.Examples for Long Division FormulaProblems for Long Division Formula
Pro 1 : Tell me all the components related to division and mark it on below problem     14 +7 =2 ?



Pro 2 :   23412 + 3 will give you any remainder or not . do it with trick and explain your answer?
Pro 3 :   34532 +23 ?