Measure numbers are the combination of many features of Codas.  It is much more flexible, because we can,

  • Choose the options for the new measure numbers.
  • Change the settings for existing numbers.
  • Extend the existing numbers at right side or left side by selecting the new area.
  • Neglects one or more measures and keep move on the process of numbering from the previous number.
  • Remove or change one or more numbers.


Measure Number


Measure Number is composed of an Options Dialog with a menu of action items that control its function.

  • Create or Extend
  • Copy Previous
  • Create
  • Number Repeated Measures
  • Remove/Change/Shift Range

At the end we get some recommendations for use.


Number Repeated Measures


This method is used for find outs the repeated measures. Number Repeated Measures has many advantages. Measuring number regions have a drawback, such as when we are working with a score of many instruments. In this case we may find the Last option to be useful.


Last option to be useful.


This option dialog replicates all the most useful options. Options dialog measure number of configuration window.

Range: (Visible with Remove Range, Shift Range or Change Range selected.)By pressing options dialog button, we can bring up to the Process Measure Numbers dialog box.

Number When More Than: Gives or highlights the minimum number of consecutive identical bars before they should be numbered. For example, specify two means that any sequence of three or more consecutive identical bars will be numbered.

Shift By :( Visible with Shift Range selected.) Specify the number of measures by which to shift each region in the range.

In the finale documentation, the options are included to the inside square box

These are all comes under the topic of options dialog for measure numbers.