Size Weight Height

Every object in the world has size, weight and height. The mass of an object is called as weight of an object. Generally weight is measured by kg. The vertical distance between the top and bottom is called as height. generally height is measure by m. Size states the how much large something is. Let us see size, weight and height in this article.Weight:



Definition of weight:

Every object or entity in the world has weight.
Give 1 kg of dall. (here 1 kg states the quantity of dall)The weight of born baby must be equal to 3 kg. (here 3 kg states the mass of a baby)
Basic units of weight:
Gram (g)Grain (gr)Milligram (mg)Kilogram (kg)Ton (t)Pounds (p)Ounce (o)
Some of the measurement conversion of weight:
1 kg equal to 1000 g1 kg equal to 10, 00, 000 mg1 gram equal to 1, 000 mg1 ton equal to 907.18 kg1 ton equal to 2000 pounds1 ton equal to 32, 000 ounces
The following instruments are used to measure the weight of an object:
Spring balanceScalesChinese steel yard



Definition of height:
Height states the vertical distance between top and bottom of an object or entity.
Basic units of height:
Millimeter (mm)Centimeter (cm)Meter (m)Feet (ft)Square feet (sft)Inches (inch)
Some of the measurement conversion of height:
1 m equal to 100 cm1 m equal to 1000 mm1 m equal to 3.28 ft1 cm equal to 10 mm