Introduction the square number calculator:

The square number is one of the basic topics in mathematics. In earlier classes, we have considered numbers which can be obtained by means of raising rational numbers to integral exponents. When the exponent is two, the numbers obtained are described squares calculator or square numbers calculator also the number it is known as the square root of the square as a result obtained.


Definition of square number:


If m and n are natural numbers such that n = m2, then n is the square of the number m and the number n is a square number. For example, 9 (= 3 × 3 =32) is the square of 2, and is therefore, a square number.

Some problems that need attention in connection with square numbers calculator are as follows:

  • To verify whether a given number is a perfect square.
  • Given a perfect square, to determine the number of which it is a square.



Properties and Patterns of some Square Numbers calculator:


  • No square number ends in 2, 3, 7 or 8.
  • Perfect square numbers end in 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9. The square of any number would end in any of these digits only.
  • Given the units digit of a number, we can determine the units digit of its square.
  • The number of zeros at the end of a perfect square is always even
  • If a number is even (odd), then so is its square.
  • A perfect square leaves a remainder 0 or 1 on division by 3.
  • If n is a perfect square, then 2n can never be a perfect square. In other words, if n = q2 for some natural number q, then we cannot find a natural number p such that 2q2 = p2
  • If t is a prime and n is a perfect square, then tn is not a perfect square.